Beauty Services

XClusive Tan offers the absolutely best services and products so that you can look and feel amazing! To make an appointment or to inquire about current pricing, please call 678-782-6826

Venus Freeze

Melts Fat & Tightens Skin!
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Laser Treatments

We offer Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, and Scarring & Acne Treatment!

Teeth Whitening

Professional results for a fraction of what you would pay at the dentist.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Helps Minimize Lines, Wrinkles, & Pigmentation Issues! Learn more


From Botox to Retaline, we offer amazing products that help you achieve maximum results, FAST! Performed by Nurse Practitioner Leslie Jarrett, RN, MSN, SNP.

Current Pricing (Subject to Change):
Botox: $9.99/unit {Get rid of your frown lines and crows feet}
Juvederm: $300/syringe {Turn back the hands of time, smooth out your smile lines}
Restylane: $300/syringe
Radiesse: $300/syringe
Voluma: $550/syringe {Put the apple back in your cheeks. Restores your cheekbones, restoring your youth}
Vitamin B12 Inject: $15 {Give yourself an extra boost of energy now that school is back in full swing!}